Monday, April 4, 2016

I had some time to put together a small game.  The setting is a fictional scenario somewhere in France in 1814.  The Russians and Austrians are working together to push the French out of the valley and village of Chateau Mi Casa.
  On the French right, they hold the hill south of the town to the left they hold the hamlet. Each composes a division of three or four brigades supported by a battery of artillery. In the center, the division holding the village is supported by two brigades of cavalry.  

The Allies: The Russians are attacking with a division of 4 brigades, two batteries and two cavalry brigades.
 The Austrians are attacking with two divisions of infantry, with artillery and cavalry support.

The Allies advanced with the Russians demonstrating on the hill east of the hamlet.  The main thrust came from the Austrians pushing the French over the hill south of the village. 

Russian advance.

The French are getting pounded.  The reserve brigade went forward after on brigade was sent packing.

The French cavalry move up to threat the Russian and Austrian infantry. 

Battling at the base of the hill and the cavalry start to flank.

French are fleeing!

Russians stop demonstrating and start their attack. 

The French are being pinched.

The French right flank has collapsed.

Their is in no better shape.

French cavalry sense an opportunity to hit the Austrians right flank.   

Russian take the hamlet.

Austrians formed square and repulsed the French.

The center is attacked.

The End.

Rules Napoleon's Battles 

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